Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Big Shot or Cuttlebug????


I am very tempted to update my trusted old red Sizzix machine for a shiny new model. But heres the question - will it be a Cuttlebug or the new black/pink Big Shot???
I am swaying towards the Big Shot, both are similar in price but I think the Big Shot will do more?!? Anyone have any advice?? What do you use?? Feel free to vote in the poll.

Does anyone know if the Cuttlebug embossing folders work well in the Big Shot?? because I love the effect they give.

18th April - so far I'm swaying towards the Big Shot!
20th April - 99% certain it will be the Big Shot!
Thanks for all your help - very much appreciated.


ink'n'rubba said...

no advice, but I'd be interested in what others have to say as like you I just have the old red sizzix machine and a hand held Quickutz Squeeze. I also wondered about the Revolution - looks similar to the Big Shot. annie x

Supermum said...

Thanks. I had not heard of the revolution - just had a look on ebay - few bargains to had on that one - worth considering. My friend is the proud owner of the cuttlebug and loves it. But I'm still drawn towards the Big Shot - does anyone know if the Cuttlebug embossing folders work as well on the Big Shot as they do on the Cuttlebug?

Jo said...

Hate to admit it but I've got both! Firstly, the embossing folders work fine in the Big Shot. If I was you, I'd got for the Big Shot as it will take most dies that I know of whereas I can't fit some of the larger dies into the Cuttlebug!!

Gina said...

Hi Sue, thanks for your visit and your lovely comments! Sorry, I can't help at all, I don't know anything about these tools! Hopefully one day I will learn more, my skills are pretty basic so far..have a wonderful weekend and good luck deciding! Will be back again soon :O)

Ella Bella said...

Hi i have just bought the big shot and its great i love it, not only is it pink and black with bling lol you can use the cuttlebug folders on it and the sizzix embossing plates are really nice to. hope this helps :)

Supermum said...

Thanks for your help girls - I really am leaning towards the Big Shot now, as it has got the 'bling' and 'colour' factor but I think in the long run it will do more, as it has a bigger work area.
Thanks again to you all!
PS Jo - you're my kinda woman - having both!!! (like your thinking)

Anita Knits said...

Love the stamps you've purchased from the Glitter pot especially the duck on presents. Can't help you with the machines, I'm the owner of a red sizzix, a wizard (which I love, Quickutz squeeze and I won a sizzix sidekick (which is great the cuttlebug dies. I think Im addicted to machines. I am toying with selling my red sizzix would be interested to know which one you pruchased as I am toying with buying the cuttlebug. good luck on your purchase.

Supermum said...

Thanks Anita - you seem to have very machine but the Cuttlebug and Big Sho! :-) I'm like you and have the Red Sizzix. Just waiting for pay day and then I will decide which to go for - will keep you all updated.
Thanks again for all your comments - I appreciate your help.

Donna ~*~ Tilda & Co ~*~ said...

hi sue, just a tiny little bit advice ive had big shot since they first came out... i got a sizzix but got rid that wihtin 2 days having it ! , as for cuttlebug i know lots people have them but i find they are limited in what they can do compared to the big shot...
I have the cuttlebug folders and use them in my big shot all the time, no extra *paddings* are required, just the plateform & plates you get with the machine just sandwich your card in the cuttlebug folders, and place into your big shot with your "bigshot plates" , hope that helps? i can crush bottle tops easy in big shot, i can emboss onto leather, metal and cant even cut into chipboard, leather, metal etc in there, i use the big red sizzix die cutters, and the wooden die cutters ( u can get them on ebay ) , the thin ones arnt too good i dont find as they are limiting to what they will cut into. hope that helps. i seem to have rambelled abit to much lol Sorry!

Supermum said...

Donna ~ Tilda & Co
Thank you so much for your advice, I appreciate you taking the time to comment. I am certainly leaning towards the Big Shot, I know it's bigger and bulkier than the Cuttlebug, but I agree with you - it does more. I do have a couple of the wooden dies too. From what peolpe are saying - it's seems to be the only machine I will need - it certainly seems to do everything i need it to!!
Thanks again, I really appreciate everyones help.
Sue. x

Jo said...

Hiya Sye :)
I don't have either one lol, sorry, but I hear the big shot is the bees knees.
I have a red sizzix, quickutz, and cricut.