Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Charity Netball Match

Meet the guys and girls I work with, last night we held a Charity Netball Match. It was a 'girls v boys' match - with the boys wearing pink fluffy tutu's!! We had a great night, but it was freezing cold. Only Earl (our Company mascot) was warm!
It was all in aid of LIVES and we raised £150.

It's moving day for Mum tomorrow, please don't rain!!

Ohhh and my Glitter Pot delivery arrived today - can't wait to play - just need to find time!

My son is currently running around the room screaming and shouting, his beloved Chelsea have just scored a 95th minute 'away' goal in the Champions League!! with only seconds to go......Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1.


Jo said...

Sounds like you had alot of fun...brings back memories for me. I used to play in the local League for a pub team and we used to have matches against the lads...it was a real scream! Your Son wasn't the only one screaming.....come on you Blues!!!

louise said...

Awesome layout.
Have fun with your new stuff, hope you get time to play soon.

Supermum said...

Thanks Louise! I hope to play tomorrow - so what this space!

Jo - Netball night: I can honestly say I haven't laughed so much for ages - it was a fab night!
Sam was so annoyed watching Chelsea, that he wanted to go to bed in the 90th min - I'm soooo glad I made him stay up! He's Chelsea mad!!

Alison said...

This is super I have bought a scrapbook its still in its wrapper lol.

Samantha Esqueda said...

Gorgeous page- love it!

Supermum said...

Alison - get that scrapbook out of it's wrapper and PLAY!!!
Sue. x

Jo said...

Wowza! well done! glad you had a good night :)