Saturday, 26 April 2008


Oooo I'm so excited my Spring 08 Tilda stamps arrived this morning...Yippee! But they have arrived as just rubber :-( Can someone/anyone, please tell me, do I just need to buy 'EZ cling mounting foam' to attach them to?????? (or is it something else) I NEED to play, they are gorgeous! :-)

Thank you!


traciejane said...

wow Sue lots of yummy stamps. Where did you get them. I've never seen them like this, but my Pink Cat Studio stamps are like this and I attached them with a little double sided tap to a clear block and stamp away - not sure if Im damaging the stamps though. Hope someone leaves you a message withthe answer - have a good weekend :-)x

Alison said...

Hi sue oh they are just gorgeous you lucky thing. You need to get Kling on or EZ mount to mount the stamps on. You will get Kling on from cuddlybuddly. Many places sell ez mount. hope this helps.

Supermum said...

Thanks for your help! If I can't wait - I might just use the double sided tape idea - can't see that it will damage them.
Alison - thanks for the link to Cuddly Buddly - what a lovely site - Kling was out of stock :-(
So I have ordered some EZ mounting foam from Ebay.
I ordered the stamps direct from the supplier in Sweden about 3 weeks ago, it's the new Spring 08 release.
Sue. x

sunshinestampangel said...

You can use double sided tape until you can get your ez mount. It will work either way. Some people prefer their unmounteds with out cushion. I have never really tried them that way I use cling mount.
who just loves that Tilda line and might just have to get

Supermum said...

Thanks Darlene
If I get any time tomorrow - I will give it a go - I'm so impatient! I have all these lovely Tilda's and they are just screaming STAMP ME!
Hope you are having a great weekend.
Sue. x

Jo said...

I buy EZ mount from Joanna Sheen (free P & P and very quick delivery). Cut around your stamps, peel off one side of the EZ mount and place your stamps on it, then sprinkle baby powder over the rest of the sticky bits (this will prevent your scissors from being completely ruined!), then cut round the stamps. Wipe off the surplus baby powder from your stamps. HTH :)

traciejane said...

Hi Sue - glad you found out about EZ Mount, Im off to order some now as I finally found the site for the Stamp Club, but was unable to order the Spring Collection, so of course I ordered the Summer 08 Collection. Have fun with your new stamps and looking forward to seeing your lovely creations :-)x

Supermum said...

Jo - thanks for your advice and many thanks for the great talc tip!

Tracie - I think they have a cut off point for ordering the stamp club - but I bet the Summer 08 collection will be just as gorgeous - Ummmmm tempted to pop over and order them myself...!!

CraftyC said...

Hi Sue,
I would recommend mounting onto ez mount of kling on, think it gives a better impression with some cushioning!

Supermum said...

Thanks Claire - I'm inclined to agree with you - so I'm waiting for my EZ mount order to arrive, before playing!
Used the Cupcake stamp (from my other order) first!!! Oooo so naughty, must stop buying!
Sue. x

Becky said...

Glad you've got it sorted Sue, I've got the rock a blocks and spray glue from crafter's companion, I used to put them on the EZ mount but I don't bother anymore!
Have fun stamping!
P.S What is the link for the club please???

Supermum said...

Hi Becky
Thanks for the tip. I have emailed you the link to the club - happy spending!
Sue. x

Joy said...

Wow! I'm green with envy are you in the Magnolia stamp club? I've been unable to access the link!
Agree with what everyone is saying but, the is a spray adhesive available that makes it qiuck and easy - sorry I cant remember the name perhaps someone else will know, if not, Ill get back to you! sis xx

Joy said...

Heres the link for the Stick and spray

orangedaisy said...

i got mine from the suppliers in sweden too but they came mounted on ez
there is a choice of buying them mounted or unmounted
joanna sheen sells ez, her p&p is free in the uk too
ev x

Supermum said...

Thanks Ev - I didn't see the option about being mounted - I will look harder next time - horrible, sticky, time consuming job to do it yourself!
(Although Jo's baby talc tip worked a treat - thanks Jo)
Thanks for your help.
Sue. x