Sunday, 20 April 2008

Birthday Mania ........

It's manic (and expensive!) at this time of year for birthday's:

April 11th Mother-in-Law (it was her 70th)
April 26th My Mum (who is moving house on Wed 23rd)
May 1st Sam will be 12!! (nearly a teenager)
MAY 8th MINE - yippeeeeee (I'll be 42 - but don't tell anyone!!)
May 19th Chris' (who I don't have a clue what to get)

Oooo it's just all go....and yes... we have 3 'Taurus' birthday's all living under one roof - and yes it's true we are stubborn (very) and hot headed (at times!)

But I promise I will post some crafting.....during all this mania!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend....think of me ...I'm at work!


Han said...

Wow you are going to be busy making cards xx

Supermum said...

I know!! nice to see you back, hope you had good holiday.

Jo said...

I have my daughter, Emmas 18th tomorrow! (23rd) and my daughter Lauras 17th on the 1st May,
we both have may day babies *Hi5*
Yep you Taureans are stubborn little blighters! ;) LOL!

Happy birthday to you and your family!
Jo xx

Supermum said...

Thanks Jo! Happy birthday to Emma and Laura too! *Hi5* straight back at ya!! ;-}

ink'n'rubba said...

Happy Birthday to all you Taureans! it's my granddaughter's birthday on 26th too!

Supermum said...

Happy birthday to your Grandaughter for the 26th - hope she has a lovely day!
Sue. x