Friday, 18 April 2008

Penny Black Stamps

How cute are these??!!
Just ordered from The Glitter Pot along with 2 new Tildas
(back in stock)
Can't wait for them to arrive.


Jo said...

Naughty! Naughty!!

Supermum said...

I know!! ;-)

Ella Bella said...

these are very cute i love the penny black stamps :)

Supermum said...

Ella Bella - many thanks for your comments!!
Sue x

Supermum said...

My apologies to my friend Dominique - a card maker! After reading this post, it sparked off her interest in stamping again - so she clicked the link and ended up spending £30! opps I'm in trouble!
So I'm not the only naughty one Jo!!
Sue. x