Saturday, 21 July 2007

Fire Fire........Rain Rain......more Rain.....

(L-R) Scott, Sam S, Kieron M, Fireman, Tom, Kieran B, Sam F,
Miss Almond and Matthew.

Signed shirt!


It finally arrived .... the last day of primary school! The big surprise.....oh yes as you can see.....they were picked up in a FIRE ENGINE LIMO. It was great, all 7 had no idea, Miss Almond (their lovely teacher) had helped with the planning....everything ran very smooth - the only down side was the weather - RAIN and lots of it! But it did not spoil anything for the boys - they all (& Miss Almond) had a fabulous time!!! They left with lights flashing, horns and sirens sounding and drove around for about 3/4 hour, then returned for a few photos. Meanwhile, we waiting in the school reception - with a bottle of wine or 2!

Thursday, 19 July 2007

All grown up....


Last day at primary ......'s finally here! Tomorrow is Sam's last day at primary. :-(
He had his leavers party on Wednesday evening......a James Bond themed Casino night. Well...lump in my throat...almost had a tear! All the lads wore smart trousers, shirt and dickie bow ties, whilst the girls all wore lovely ball/party dresses. Some arrived in Limo's - it was just lovely. They all looked so grown up (especially the girls - oooo glad I've only got a boy to contend with)

So tomorrow is the BIG day - I still can't spoil the surprise - as Sam often reads my blog!! So stay tuned and I will reveal all over the weekend!! But (fingers crossed, as it's been arranged since Feb) it should be good!


Tom's sister Abbie with her best friend Ellie at the Christening.

Again Digi-scrapped using the Helen Bradley book.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007


On Sunday we went to Tom's Christening, our neighbours son.
Following a very 'energetic' service, we went back to Lee's parents house for a BBQ. Wicked BBQ - probably the best I have been to - excellent food - bouncy castle and believe it or not it was gloriously sunny!!

I knew I wanted to give them a 'different' pressie (as Tom is 2 and not a tiny baby) so I took loads of photo's of him and his elder sister Abbie and then spent the evening making a digital scrapbook page and framed it for them. (The base colours used are some of Anne's favourites)
Digital layout again from the wonderful Helen Bradley book.

Friday, 6 July 2007

Blue screen of death......

Oh yes - my computer died! and oh yes I lost everything! It has not been a great couple of days!
Luckily I had back up copies of all my photo's.
My mate Gary, who is an IT genius, came round last night and got the stupid thing up and running again (but back to square 1 with nothing on it!)- so this morning I am adding all the lovely bits - like software, printers, files, email addresses, Adobe, Paintshop etc etc and set up all my photo files again. Deep joy!

Bit of a moan coming......I have had this main computer for 18 months and this is the SECOND time it has done this! However, I have had my laptop for 3 years (and touch wood - lots!) it has never let me down.

Love them (me) or hate them (hubby!) you just can't live without them.