Friday, 6 July 2007

Blue screen of death......

Oh yes - my computer died! and oh yes I lost everything! It has not been a great couple of days!
Luckily I had back up copies of all my photo's.
My mate Gary, who is an IT genius, came round last night and got the stupid thing up and running again (but back to square 1 with nothing on it!)- so this morning I am adding all the lovely bits - like software, printers, files, email addresses, Adobe, Paintshop etc etc and set up all my photo files again. Deep joy!

Bit of a moan coming......I have had this main computer for 18 months and this is the SECOND time it has done this! However, I have had my laptop for 3 years (and touch wood - lots!) it has never let me down.

Love them (me) or hate them (hubby!) you just can't live without them.


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