Saturday, 21 July 2007

Fire Fire........Rain Rain......more Rain.....

(L-R) Scott, Sam S, Kieron M, Fireman, Tom, Kieran B, Sam F,
Miss Almond and Matthew.

Signed shirt!


It finally arrived .... the last day of primary school! The big surprise.....oh yes as you can see.....they were picked up in a FIRE ENGINE LIMO. It was great, all 7 had no idea, Miss Almond (their lovely teacher) had helped with the planning....everything ran very smooth - the only down side was the weather - RAIN and lots of it! But it did not spoil anything for the boys - they all (& Miss Almond) had a fabulous time!!! They left with lights flashing, horns and sirens sounding and drove around for about 3/4 hour, then returned for a few photos. Meanwhile, we waiting in the school reception - with a bottle of wine or 2!

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