Saturday, 31 March 2007

Have hands! Will use them!

Sam at the age of 3 painting, well with his hands! He had so much fun, he was completely covered - but just look at that face!

Sam is almost 11 now - but this only feels like yesterday - and yet he starts at senior school in September!

I have made him a Scrapbook of his life - right from when he was born - to this day - and hope to keep it going until he is 18.

I have tried to avoid just putting Christmas, Birthday and Holiday photos. Instead I have included things like this - a day painting. I have also included a day at the seaside with Nanny and Grandad (Grandad is no longer with us - so it is nice for him to look back on) I also want to do things like - a page of his favorite things at different ages, including: food, books, TV programmes, games, shoes etc. He is helping me put the pages together. (I'm sure he thinks I'm barking mad! but he will look back in 10 years and understand why!) The last page in the book is going to be his family tree.

This page is traditional paper scrapbooking, I have used pattern papers, cardstock to mat and layer the photos (picking out the yellow of his apron), a paper punch for the little hands (to mimic his hands) and a MM metal word eyelet and a wire word 'giggle'. The title/base card stock was something a picked up a show a couple of years ago, as I thought it would be perfect for this sort of layout.

Thursday, 29 March 2007

Digital Scrapbooking - recommended book.

If you are new to Digital Scrapbooking - this book is a MUST have.
Written by Helen Bradley - Layouts for Scrapbooking. Ilex press :
ISBN-10 1-904705-99-5. or ISBN-13 978-1-904705-99-4. I bought mine from for £9.99 free P&P.
It is a 96 page hardback book, which comes complete with a CD. On the CD you get 50 page templates (just add photos) and 250 ready to use decorative objects - for when you get the hang of things. The book is based around Adobe Elements 4. But can be used with other editing suites. The 2 baby layouts on this blog are made using this book. And I can highly recommend it!!

Saturday, 24 March 2007


Thanks to all you guys who have signed my guestbook! you have all met my wonderful cousin Ian (I will put a link on shortly to his 'my space site' - but I must warn you to prepare yourself!!
Sharon - I notice in her usual position - with a coffee mug!
Dominique - are you hiding somewhere in your picture?? x
Laura Lou - my lovely work mate - taken at our Christmas party 2006!
My Uncle - very fetching photo - look at those knees!
My son - oh so lovely (most of the time)

Come on the rest of you - get on with it! (Gary! I'm waiting!!)
Sue ;-)

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Catherine Tate meets Tony Blair! Bovvered!

Vicar of Dibley Comic Relief 2007!

The Brilliant Comic Relief Record 2007!

Hi. Both me and Sam love the new Comic Relief record!! You will find the video at the bottom of this blog - but if you listen to it - please sign the guest book! (not compulsory but it will make me happy)
Sue. x

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Getting the hang of things!

Hi. As you can see - my blog page is starting to fill up!! Love the clock!(and it's pink!) Have a look at the bottom of the page - so see a slide show (these were pages of an album I done for Mum) and while you are there - you can sign my guestbook!Thanks! x

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Gorgeous babies! not mine!

Created using Adobe Elements 4 and Helen Bradley's book - Layouts for Scrapbooking
ISBN -10 1-904705-99-5. Great book for anyone just starting Digital Scrapbooking - like me!!

It's been a real baby boom at work.....Debs had a little girl Imogen and Matt's wife Sally had a baby boy Joseph. It must be an epidemic because we still have more to arrive in the next few weeks! Watch this space.

Friday, 16 March 2007

Artistic photo

This 'artistic' photo was taken during a recent weekend away in London. We stayed in this fabulous hotel for 2 nights.

We went to see Chicago in the west end and then visited London Zoo the following day. Great weekend away with friends.

Welcome to my BLOG!

Hi everyone......

Well, this is it I have finally got round to setting up a blog - and what a mind field this is.
Easy to set up now I just have to figure out how everything works.

Feel free to comment.

I will be increasing the content over the next few weeks.....if I get the hang of what I am doing.

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