Tuesday, 20 March 2007

The Brilliant Comic Relief Record 2007!

Hi. Both me and Sam love the new Comic Relief record!! You will find the video at the bottom of this blog - but if you listen to it - please sign the guest book! (not compulsory but it will make me happy)
Sue. x


Ian said...

I Watched all comic relief and loved all the videos and the peter kay song is excellent.
all the best Sue.
Your bestest favorite couzin ever.
Ian x

Supermum said...

I just loved the Peter Kay record. I giggled all the way through. It was on the radio on the way to work yesterday - I was singing away - but then so was everyone else!! I put my favorite clips on my blog. I was gonna use the Top Gear one - but when I watched it I thought it was a bit boring! But still love Top Gear!
Oh and yes you are my favorite! (now I have offended the rest of the family - I will sign off quick!)
Sue. x