Saturday, 24 March 2007


Thanks to all you guys who have signed my guestbook! you have all met my wonderful cousin Ian (I will put a link on shortly to his 'my space site' - but I must warn you to prepare yourself!!
Sharon - I notice in her usual position - with a coffee mug!
Dominique - are you hiding somewhere in your picture?? x
Laura Lou - my lovely work mate - taken at our Christmas party 2006!
My Uncle - very fetching photo - look at those knees!
My son - oh so lovely (most of the time)

Come on the rest of you - get on with it! (Gary! I'm waiting!!)
Sue ;-)

1 comment:

Ian said...

Hi Sue love the 'Wondeful' comment you made :)
Any way i hope your all ok and well, under the cecumstances, give my love to every one and we will catch up soon.
love Cousin Ian x