Thursday, 28 August 2008

Fingers crossed....

After 3/4 hour on the phone to BT the wireless seems to be fixed, however, in true BT fashion - if they actually listened to what I said in the first place, it would have taken 5 mins and I could have done it myself!!!! but hey it's working! So I will be visiting everyone over the next few days!

Anyway, today we took Sam karting at Ancaster! What a fab day, Chris and Sam drove the karts, while I played at being chief photographer - I will post pics tomorrow!

Yesterday, we spent the day at Ingoldmells. We took the dog, went for a very long walk on the beach, then played on the amusements and the boys went on a few rides, while I 'people watched' over a cup of tea with the dog!

Tomorrow, I hardly dare say it - (whisper) the bathroom should be finished! (pleeeease!!)

I am taking Sam into town tomorrow, to get the last few bits before going back at school on Wednesday, I can't believe how quick the holidays have gone!


*Sally* said...

Sounds like you have had a fun few days!
Fingers crossed for your bathroom xx
I have 2 going back school on Tuesday, 1 on Wednesday and 1 on Thursday?!?! Nightmare, but still keeps me on my toes, lol

Take Care
Sally x

Samantha said...

My fingers are crossed for you also. Good Luck to Sam. Your blog is looking marvelous!!! :)

CraftyC said...

Hi Sue, nice to see you back, bet you cant wait to get blogging again. Fingers crossed for tomorrow, suppose everyone will be fighting for the bath tomorrow. TTFN