Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Happy birthday to ME!

Happy birthday to ME, happy birthday to ME, happy birthday dear MMMMMMEEEEE, happy birthday to ME!!

Another year older, another year wiser - I doubt it!

Had a lovely day, even though I was at work - but the 'girlies' did buy me a beautiful bouquet of flowers! - thanks guys you are the best bunch of work mates!!

I had some lovely pressies - gorgeous necklace (from hubby), cute mug (from Sam), clothes (from Mum), Radley brolly and other bits (from my lovely sister-in-law-Lorraine), money to spend (from Mum-in-Law) wicked tax disk holder (from Dominique-for the new car!) and lots of other lovely bits - thanks to everyone! x x x


Old Rocker said...

Hi Susan
Glad you had a happy birthday, but you did not mention how old you are to everyone.
Are you 41 or 41 or are you 41.
I can,t remember.
Lots of love

Supermum said...

Ummmm....thanks for that...but forgot to mention...I am now counting backwards! so that makes me....39!
Sue. x x