Friday, 4 May 2007

Welcome - family from Hampshire!

Hi guys!

Great to hear from you. Thanks for signing my guest book (although you appear to have landed in the USA? Just for eveyones info - they are actually in Hampshire, UK).
Is the little lad your sisters son? Emily is a splitting image of her Dad! and very grown up!!
Many thanks for Sam's birthday pressies - he is off shopping to Lincoln next saturday - to buy some CD's.
As you can see from the blog - we got him tickets to his beloved Chelsea. He had a fantastic time.
Sam starts at senior school in September - can't believe where the time has gone. What year is Emily in now?


Old Rocker said...

Hi Susan.
Sorry about this, but did you know that they are recalling TomTom satnavs because they can,t find Chelsea anywhere in Europe.
Having said that I,m glad Sam had a good day at Chelsea.
Lots of love

Supermum said...

Oooooo...cheeky devil!!

Supermum said...

Hi Tracey.....thanks for sending your email address, glad Emily had a lovely birthday. I will drop you a line soon. Take care.
Sue. xx