Friday, 4 May 2007

Bye Bye Maynard!

Mini's time to say goodbye to Maynard! Well actually he's already gone (I'm using Chris' car)...and I have to wait another 3 weeks for the new's due off the production line 19th May.

I'm not telling you what colour.....stay tuned and I'll post some photo's when he arrives....'it' might even have a name by then.

'Maynard' came from black and red midget gems - made by Maynard - as the car was all black and red (even inside).

Digitally scrapped using Helen Bradleys book.


Anonymous said...

Very sad to see Maynard go!! :( but looking forward to a cruise in the new mini and also doing a royal wave in it down my road!!! Laura xxx

Supermum said...

Oh I think that can be arranged! x

Anonymous said...

You kept that quite about saying bye bye to the mini. Will have to have a go in the new one but will have to leave Imogen at home that day.

About 6/7 more weeks and I will be back with you again!!!

Debs x

Supermum said...

Hi Debs - I am picking the new one up on Wed, me and Laura are going to come to Imogen's Christening - straight after work, so you will see it then!! Can't believe your maternity leave has gone soooo quick. By the way Emma was in early labour on Friday.
See you soon.
Sue. x