Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Hubby's been on TV (Look North)

Click on or cut and paste the following link to view:


nic_d said...

Very cool! I enjoyed watching this piece! bawj

ella bella said...

great clip, my son loved watching it, he must of watched it ten times, i think i know what he now wants to be when he grows up, long time yet though he is only 2!
hope you are keeping well. have a great night
Tracy x

Jo said...

Hello Chris! *waves*

My hubby has just passed his physical to join the specials, he'll be starting his training soon, he's really eager to start (he's driving me nuts while he's waiting to hear back from them, the whole process has took about 18 months to go through!)

Thanks for stopping by my blog Sue, hope you are well :)

All Pink girl said...

Wow how fabulous is that,
have a fab weekend hugs Dawnxx