Sunday, 21 September 2008


Sunday and all is well with the world, finished work at 2 o'clock. Been to Sissy-in-law's for tea, bless she does look after us!! Think she is taking pity on me .... I'm not used to all these flamin' hours at work!!
Anyway, I am now preparing for week two! I am kinda hoping things may settle down a bit after that! We'll see.......
Hope you all had a great weekend.

PS Sam won his football game, through to the next round of the cup! Well done team! x


Kylie...Perth, Western Australia said...

Hello Sue...glad to hear you are keeping your head above water with so much on all at once. Some rellies and friends are the best medicine when you are run off your feet. Keep well, look forward to seeing you back in the craft room when the work settles down. Kylie

...oooh I just got a dodgy looking word verification for this post ... it is "fuekv" ...very dodgy - sorry my sad mind LOL

Sue said...

Hi Sue
Sorry I haven't been around much at all lately.
Hope all goes well for you at work and look after yourself. xx

All Pink girl said...

Hi Sue ,hope your not working to hard ,looking forward to seeing some of your fab cards again ,Dawnxx

CraftyC said...

Hi Sue, come to keep you company, hope you are ok and lifes not to frantic ATM!!

tracie said...

Hi Sue just poped over to say hi and hope your well - oh well done to Sam - goodluck.
There's a little something for you on my blog
hugs :)x

Cathy said...

Hi Sue - glad you are surviving. Don't work too hard, and congrats to Sam!
See you soon,
Cathy xx