Friday, 27 June 2008

Quick Merlin update...

He is still on the tablets, but we are reducing the dose to see if he really is any better. We can cheerfully report he is still holding his own!! You can still tell he is an old man with dodgy hips, but he is happy in fingers crossed he will be with us a little longer!
Thanks for asking Cathy and thank you everyone for your kind words.


Emma said...

Thats great news Sue!

Alison said...

Sending you and Merlin big hugs.

Cathy said...

So pleased Merlin is getting better.
Congratulations you have won a little something in my blog candy. Beth had to pick a name and it was you, so if you send me your address I'll put together a little something for you.
Hope you're having a good weekend,
Cathy xx

Kylie...Perth, Western Australia said...

That's good news Sue. I hope he keeps enjoying life with you all for a while yet. Kylie

Becky said...

Hope he gets better soon Sue!
Left you a prezzie on my blog!
Love Becky xx