Sunday, 22 June 2008

Merlin update....

We have got some tablets from the vets, which he only normally has over the winter months, when he is really bad (£1.50 each and 1 a day!!!)
So, I can confirm that he is a lot better at the moment, he is still very slow and obviously still having some difficulty, but he is not in pain! He has also started eating again and having tummy tickles!! so fingers crossed he will be with us for a little longer.
Thank you everyone for your concern and I will keep you posted.


Emma said...

Phew! I must admit Sue that when I saw your post I did think the happy for you babe. Lets hope he continues to go from strength to strength. Hugs to you all. Emma.x

Han said...

Hi Sue I am glad to hear he is feeling better hugs hanxx

Tracy said...

sorry to hear Merlin hasnt been to well great news he is starting to feel better. He is such a stunning dog thats a beautiful photo of him. take care Tracy x

Cathy said...

Sue, I am so pleased he is looking better at the moment. Hope you have him around for many months more -... and keep tickling the tummy!!

Hugs to Merlin,
Lots of love and hugs
Cathy xx