Sunday, 30 March 2008

Simple but effective cards............

Quick and easy...that's what we like!
4 simple card designs, stamped using black StazOn
and Anita's stamps
(purchased ages ago in a sale for 99p each)
Painted with Whispers pens and thin black lines
added around each, just to finish them off.
(I've made 20 of these this morning)


All Pink girl said...

Brilliant cards ,love the stamps ,Dawnx

Dominique said...

These are brilliant, I can't believe you've made 20, you've inspired me to make some cards. I think the new look blog is fab

Dominique x

Supermum said...

Thanks Dawn. I have just looked at your cards on you blog - very impressive and inspiring.

Dominique - thank you - get making - I have the bug again!! By the way - I can't find you on face book - try putting me in (then you can look at you know who!) xx

Jo said...

These are wonderful...wish I could doodle like you!

Supermum said...

Jo...I'll let you into a little secret.....this was my first attempt!