Tuesday, 4 September 2007


He liked it, he got on really well and was full of it when he got home.
No issues with going back tomorrow! Yippee!
So relieved!! I can chill out and enjoy the rest of the week now!


Old Rocker said...

Hi Su
Glad Sam got on all right. He,ll be fine.
Ian went to the premier of his film on Monday, mixing with all the stars, you would have been in your glory with your camera.
The film is on general release on the 7th.
Hope you get a chance to see it.
Take care
Luv Cyril

Supermum said...

Thanks - Sam seems to be really enjoying himself. He appears to like 'most' of his teachers so far!

Looking forward to seeing Ian's film, I bet he enjoyed the premier - fame at last!

Hope you are all well. Love to all.
Sue. x