Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Me time.

Oooo lovely - I've had a 'me time' day today. Although I did do 1 hour of housework - just so I didn't feel too guilty!
But then - I got lots of jobs done on the computer, finished another Wedding Slide show, for Chris' cousin Lisa. Listed some items on ebay. Edited some photo's. I've started 'scrapping' the first few pages of a Wedding album for a friend at work.
And finally I've eaten yummy food and had endless cups of tea! Heaven!
All seems great - then I remember - I have an extra day at work tomorrow - back down to earth with a bump!


Susan Pryce said...

Sounds like my kind of day. Your wedding pictures are fabulous. Are you going to take up wedding photography? Glad your ds got on well at school.

Supermum said...

Glad you like the photo's. After being at the 2 weddings recently - I must confess - I could not cope with the stress of Wedding photography - so I think it will remain a hobby - no pressure!!