Sunday, 15 April 2007


Sunday - great day. Started off with a visit to the garden centre, to buy a new garden bench. Bought a lovely chunky teak 'companion' bench with umbrella - just have to wait for it to be delivered - I'm not good with the 'waiting' thing!

This was followed by a slap up Sunday roast at a local pub - with yummy chocolate fudge cake for pud!!

So needless to say, we followed this with a long walk with the dog. We went to a place called Culverthorpe Hall (about 6 miles from where we live). This is such a beautiful setting, 2 massive lakes, a gorgeous Hall and lots of other lovely stone cottages set in acres and acres of land. It is a private house, but they allow the public to use several walks around the grounds.
See pictues below:


Anonymous said...

Excellent photos! Lovin' the lake shot - you are getting very good!
Culverthorpe is a lovely walk.
See you soon.

Laura Loo said...

Lovely photos, I was also at Culverthorpe Lake that day having a picnic with my other half!! unfortunately we did not have choclate fudge cake though!!! :( xx

Supermum said...

Shame we missed you! Although I wonder what Alfie would have made of that little dog!
x x

Ian said...

Hi ya super cousin, Just thought i would say hello as i have been working on anouther project and neglected your excellent site Sue.
You certainly got a good eye for frameing shots sue, love them.
bestest cousin ever

Supermum said...

Hey Cuz....Nice of you to drop by. Your Dad was updating Mum the other day with all your news. Sounds like all your hard work is paying off!!
Thanks for your comments on the photos.....I was really pleased with the way they turned out. I have really got into photography in the last couple of years. Have even bought a few mags and books for some tips and ideas.
Sue. x