Sunday, 8 April 2007

My Easter Weekend!

Well it started well...not...Sam was due to go to a football tournament in France for the weekend, leaving at 6.30am on Saturday). But poor little devil was really sick all day Friday and right up until 8.30 pm he was not going (I had not even packed!) Finally at about 9 pm he managed to keep some food and water down (hope you are not eating your tea whilst reading this - sorry!) I took him for ride in the car to see if he was OK travelling. All went well, but he was still very upset and tearful at the thought of travelling to France. So he had a bath and I packed him off to bed - with a bucket - just incase! Amazing typical child - woke up Saturday morning - 'almost' as bright as a button! So, after a very traumatic day, he did finally go to his tournament - I got a text message to say he was fine and had not been poorly. So I hope he will enjoy himself now.

Me - on the otherhand - well I'm working all weekend. Ahrrrr!! (Sat, Sun and Monday!!) and did I get any Easter eggs - did I heck!! But ...Sam has a nice big pile in the corner, oh... and he's in France ;-) noooooo I really mustn't.

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