Friday, 30 January 2009

Serif Digital Scrapbook Artist.

Review: Serif Digital Scrapbook Artist

I have been using this software for a week or so now and I can highly recommend it. I have tried a couple of 'specialist' digital scrapping style softwares before and to be honest they have been typically digital, very basic and produce clumsy, outdated looking pages. This software is a real breath of fresh air, you can produce perfect pages, that to an untrained eye - would look identical to a traditional paper scrapped page.

The software itself is extremely well thought out and very easy to use, ideally for the beginner but challenging enough for the more experienced user. It comes complete with several pages packs and a bonus disc of even more themes (more are available), all very useful and cover a variety of occasions and they can be used as individual elements. There is also a daisytrail website, where you can share ideas) The best bit is: you can use ALL of your already downloaded digital items (just use them in the photo's tab). The software is a bargain at £29.99, but several craft mag's have a voucher for a further £5 off at the moment.

Tracy and Sally have already been affected by the bug, so beware it is infectious. Check them out because they have produced some great first LO's. You maybe wondering why my LO's are a strange size. Well that's because I have produced them to fit in my Digital Photo frame, that I got for Christmas, they look fab!

Have a great weekend. Any questions? please ask, if I can help I will!
Sue. x


*Sally* said...

Hi Sue, have you uploaded any of the 'free' kits you can find on the web to the Seif software? If so how do you do it?
Sally xx

Supermum said...

I have emailed you with the details, I have just downloaded them without any problems, I have given you 2 ways to download them, hope it works for you.
Sue. x

Joy said...

Will have to look into this Sue I am usually quite rubbish with computer stuff but I'm intrigued! I also got a digital photo frame for xmas xx

Supermum said...

Go for it Joy, even the instruction book it easy to follow! You'll love it for your digital frame.
Sue. x