Friday, 16 May 2008

Wizard Dies - Question?????

Does anyone know if you can use Wizard (Spellbinder) Dies with the Cuttlebug??


Jules said...

There is a few videos on youtube saying you can:

This one for example:

Kylie...Perth, Western Australia said...

Yes, you can. Sue jump on my blog for my email address and send me an email, and I will return send to you a "sandwich" guideline for the Cuttlebug that tells you what configurations of plates you need for different manufacturer's dies.


Han said...

I think you can I have heard other people using it but I muct admit I have not tried it in my cuttlebug. xx

Supermum said...

Kylie - many thanks I have emailed you.

Jules - you are a star! The YouTube link was really helpful - and found lots of other great craft videos. Thanks.

Han - looking at YouTube it is possible to use them - check out the above link.

Thanks again everyone!
Sue. x

Cathy said...

This link might help you - Karen Karlum has done this guide for using differnt die cuts in a cuttlebug.
Hope this helps

Supermum said...

Thanks for the link Cathy - thats great!
Sue. x