Friday, 18 January 2008

I need a Wii......

Have you guys played with a Wii - fun or what! Well I've decided we need a Wii.

I didn't want to get it for Sam for Christmas, as he has one at his Dad's house (so it didn't seem the right pressie from us).

So I have been saving points at work (what do points make - prizes - or in this case high street vouchers!) and decided to cash them in for Debenhams vouchers to buy a Wii.

Sounds good, oh yeah, everywhere seems to have them back in stock apart from - oh you guessed it - DEBENHAMS. I keep phoning to check, but they even have a recorded message now, saying 'we have no stock of Nintendo Wii's - nor do we expect any shortly' Oh deep joy!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We got one for Christmas, but had to buy it in October, had a feeling they may be the 'hot' pressie this year.
You have to get one, best fun we've had in ages, great with the kids (or not!).
See you soon.
Izzy. x