Tuesday, 4 December 2007


Ouch! I've done my back in!
I thought I would share this info with you all - just to see if I get any more sympathy, than seems to be available at home.
It's alright for them when they get 'man-flu'!!
I twisted by back last week and it had started to get better, then me being me - was a bit bored at work on Sunday (as everyone else was obviously Christmas shopping!) decided to move a few boxes!
I'm back to square one - only it's even more painful this time.


ham_egg&chips said...

‘Man flu’ is a very serious affliction we men have to deal with, that if not treated early enough with a high dosage of Tixylix, can lead to premature death in extreme cases. So ladies, next time your man is on the sofa suffering the ravages of ‘man flu’, please just pander to his every whim until more medical research is done to find a cure or effective way of treating this nasty condition – I hope this helps!

Nice to see a fellow ex-Cranbourne pupil so happy and content with life
Best wishes

Supermum said...

Hey - great to hear from you! - glad you understood the message re blog address. (had to do it that way or they scramble it!)
I see you are another man who suffers 'quietly' with man-flu!!
Hope life is treating you well and hope you are all organised for Christmas!
Take care - drop by again - it's great to catch up with school mates!
Sue. xx