Friday, 26 October 2007

Good day, bad day, good day!

Started off really well, we had planned to take Sam golfing today. But I ordered a new lens for my Camera yesterday and great service - next day delivery! Of course, not wanting to miss my delivery - I said the boys could go golfing and I would wait for my precious delivery.
Oh no - strop king strikes again - Mum must come golfing! so I went around to my neighbour - to see if she would be able to take in my delivery - great no problem, left a note on the door to redirect the delivery to her. SORTED - off to golf we went had a lovely morning and a snack at lunchtime - home for 2pm.
And there it was - the dreaded SORRY WE MISSED YOU delivery card!! Now having PMT this week - I exploded like a rocket!! They had refused to deliver it to my neighbour, as it was not a confirmed address from the sender! (jobs worth) So I rang the number to speak to someone about re delivery. Oh no too easy - it was a lovely AUTOMATED service, with lots of options apart from what I wanted and no human in sight! I was soooo mad - that everyone evacuated the house and took the dog for a walk, while I calmed down! Anyway, I booked a callback from the Company, which never came. So I tried to call back - but then the message said that the parcel number had already activated a response so I could not make any further requests. As you can imagine - my mood was great by this point.
So eventually, to save everyones sanity, I found a direct number. I was told the driver had returned to the depot and I could collect my parcel. So my lovely hubby, drove me the 30 mile round trip to collect a parcel that I had paid £7.95 to have delivered!! GREAT!
Anyway, good finish - my lens in fantastic and worth waiting for. And to top it all everyone was full up from lunch so I didn't have to cook tea!!

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