Friday, 29 June 2007

End of an Era.....

I went to Sam's last Open Worship today, it's his last Sports Day next Wednesday and his final primary school 'play/production' on the 10th/11th of July.
End of an Era......then it all changes as he goes up to senior school in September.
Where has the time gone, it only seems like yesterday that he was starting at pre-school!
He suddenly seems to be very grown up and is also becoming very independent, I feel a bit redundant!
That's it - enough feeling sorry for myself! It's the start of a new Era and I'm sure it will be a challenge!!

Friday, 22 June 2007

League Winners!!

Well done lads! League winners 2 years running.
You've all worked really hard all season and deserve to be winners.

Digitally scrapped using a Cottage Arts template. Just added photo and text.

Friday, 15 June 2007

Look out.... for a duck.....

Ok, here are a couple of my first attempts- what do you think?

These are a couple of my first attempts with the new camera. Me and Sam took Alfie for a walk down to the local river and I just took the camera along for a play. We were out for about an hour and I managed to take 67 photo's - good job I bought a big memory card.

Swimming coach.

Cyprus, September 2003.

The year Sam came home from holiday - as a confident swimmer.

This is a 12x12" paper page.
Basic blue cardstock as a background - stamped with sea shells, in blue ink.
Blue and white paper patterned paper down the left hand side.
Yellow cardstock - colour taken from the umbrellas by the side of the pool.
Red card stock 'quotes' (confidence, launch, competitive and coach)- colour taken from Sam's trunks.
Finished with pale blue brads and buttons.

I love the pictures of him jumping in.

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Now we're getting serious!!

That's it - I've done it! I've been thinking about a Digital SLR Camera for months, but not had the courage to take the plunge!

So finally, I went to Lincoln on Thursday and got myself the Canon EOS 400D - WOW - what a camera - WHY have I been waiting - it's great!

Although, I have to say it's times like this I really miss my Dad (who died 2 years ago), he was into photography in a big way - he would have loved playing with this!! So I am buying this in his memory and promise to teach Sam how to use it to!!


While we were in Florida we had our photo taken with LOTS of characters! But Eeyore was our favourite!

Scrapped using Hot off the Press 8x8" papers. Stickers and rub on stitches.